What is the “Juhahn Jones Is Show”? It is a Sketch comedy show that pushes the limits, that takes you back to the old school 90′s shows like “In Living Color” and characters like Jerome Jerome from Martin. This show has all the elements of that old school in your face comedy with a little bit of a Dave Chappelle Format. Some may ask who is Juhahn Jones… well let’s just say he’s the next!!! His acting has been compared to Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Tucker. What do all those names have in common? They’re greats!!! Put all of them in a pot and you get Juhahn Jones!!!

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  1. JUhahhn, you are a funy man ., even when you don’t say sh##. sometimes , haha.. that shows me you got something… just stand there and make some people laugh.. golden… Keep dancing your dance. and remember, you already have made the first move. next move God. .. now go play.. remind me to tell you about the Mark St Mark show , next time I see you..

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